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Over 32 million books have been sold about discovering your purpose. This indicates that there are millions of people all around the world that don’t KNOW why they are here on this earth.

Why is it important to know our purpose? We were all born for a purpose. It’s our responsibility to find out what that purpose is so we can make an impact on the world. Living out our purpose will also lead to a passionate, fulfilling and meaningful life for us.

Just imagine waking up every day excited for a new day to begin! Looking forward to doing something you love to do, something you were born to do. Wow, what a difference that would make in our lives.

I know from personal experience what it feels like to live without purpose and to live with purpose. For 22 years I had over 20 different jobs, I was just wandering through life. I dreaded Monday mornings and couldn’t wait until the weekend.

At 38 years old, I re-discovered my purpose/calling, that I had when I was 15 years old. At 43 years old I began a new career as a teacher, which has always been my passion and purpose. I love being a teacher and looked forward to each new day.

It’s a whole different life when you’re fulfilling your purpose.
How about you, are you living out your purpose? it’s never too late to pursue your purpose and dreams.

Let me know if you need help on your journey to finding your LIFE PURPOSE.