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I’m launching a new coaching program that offers unlimited coaching calls!

It’s my “Laser Focused Results Coaching.”  What’s different about it is the coaching calls are 15 minutes long.   That’s right, only 15 minutes long, but the best part is that these are UNLIMITED COACHING CALLS, that means you can schedule a call anytime you want and as many times as you want for 1 low price.

6 months =   $997  (only $166/month)

12 months = $1497 (only $125/month)

 There is one catch, you have to complete a homework assignment/task before you schedule your next call.  Giving you an assignment in between calls will keep you accountable and on track to reach your goals.

You also get unlimited email support from me.  Anytime you have questions you can email me, and I can answer your questions via email or on our next call.  By emailing me your questions, we can stay laser-focused on our calls and get a lot accomplished in 15-minutes.

Let’s talk.  Schedule a call with me and see if this coaching program is a good fit for you. https://my.timetrade.com/book/VZPX6

 If this program is a good fit for you, we will schedule your first call right away. 

The first call will be at least 1-hour, so we have time to work on your goals and see where you need immediate help and implement some strategies to get you more revenue.

Click on my calendar link to schedule your FREE 30-minute call. 


I will also tell you the four things that should be on your website that 95% of business owners don’t know.

I’ll share some marketing strategies that will help you get more clients, without spending a dime on advertising.

I’m only taking on 10 new clients in this UNLIMITED CALLS PROGRAM, so schedule your call today!




6 MONTHS = $997  (only $166/month)

12 months = $1497 (only $125/month)

P.S.- If you want or need weekly 1-hour coaching calls, which is how my traditional coaching program is structured, we can talk about that as well.