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As a speaker, I want to use my life experience to motivate, inspire and encourage your audience to discover their purpose / God’s calling and live a passionate, purpose-filled life.

I believe we were all created for a purpose and I want to teach and encourage teenagers and adults to find that purpose, regardless of their age.

When we identify and develop our strengths, gifts, natural talents, and skills, we will discover our purpose and passion for our lives. We can also use our gifts and talents to encourage and inspire people around the world.

Too often we focus on an individual’s weaknesses instead of identifying their strengths and helping them develop those strengths.

After my presentation, your audience, preteens/teens or adults will be encouraged to overcome their obstacles to pursue their life purpose. They will leave my talk with actionable steps to find their purpose.

Your audience will be inspired to discover their unique gifts, strengths, natural talents, and skills, so they can live a life with purpose. We all have a gift to share with the world. People around the world are waiting to be inspired and encouraged by our gifts and talents.

I’m a retired math and special education teacher. My specialty was working with students with learning disabilities and behavior disorders. I could relate to students that struggled with learning disabilities because my reading disability made it difficult for me to be successful in school. I let my circumstances and obstacles keep me from pursuing my dream of being a teacher until I was 38 years old.