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Dream Job Career Coaching


I help people live a passionate, purpose-filled life by helping them find or create work they love, whether that’s finding a new career or starting a new business.

I do this through the following formats: 

* 1-on-1 coaching

* Group coaching

* Mastermind Groups

* Seminars – live & online


To find or create your DREAM job we will identify and discover the following:


* your unique skills

* your abilities

* your passions

* your personality traits

* your desires

* your values

* your purpose


It’s never too late to pursue your dreams.


This seminar is a 6-week program that is a proven method that has helped 1,000’s of other people live their dream.


The seminar is taught in-person, online in a group setting and 1-on-1 through personal coaching.




In-Person Seminar

6 Sessions Over 6 Weeks
$297/Single Payment
  • What You Get
  • Meet once a week for 2 hours
  • Meet for 6 weeks after intro session
  • Charlotte & Sarasota Counties, Fl
  • Unlimited email support for 6 weeks
  • Private Facebook group for life

Online Seminar

Unlimited 15-Minute Coaching Sessions
$497/Single Payment
  • What You Get
  • Group setting online
  • Meet once a week for 60 minutes
  • Meet for 6 weeks
  • Private Facebook Group for life
  • FREE Laser Focus Coaching for 6 weeks
  • Unlimited 15- minute coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email support