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Biblical parenting with a heart-based approach.

Have you read every book on parenting but are still struggling with disrespect, non-cooperation, temper tantrums, bad attitudes, etc.
Most parenting books and programs teach behavior modification, but it doesn’t work. Oh, maybe for a very short time it works, but it doesn’t do anything

 to the heart or attitude of a child. behavior modification lends to the selfishness of a child. And you better hope the reward is a lot better than what you want your child to do.

My wife and I have read books and taken programs about parenting after we adopted our son from Poland when he was 8 years old. None of the books or psychologist we went to helped. Finally, one psychologist identified the problem and to help our son we had to change.

With Biblical, heart-based parenting, in most cases the parent has to change before the child does. Only God can change the heart of a child, but as parents we can help facilitate the change.

Check out the resources on this site: biblicalparenting.org/…art/pc/viewPrd.asp

There are free parenting tips and a FREE Ebook about helping your child change.

I’m a Certified Biblical Parenting Coach for the “National Center for Biblical Parenting”.

Please feel free to schedule a FREE consultation with me to find out how I can help you and your child. My coaching program is 8-weeks long, we will talk once a week for an hour. During this time I will introduce several time-tested strategies to use to help change the heart of your child. This heart change will last a lifetime.

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