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How To Find Your Life's Purpose
7 Questions To Help You Discover Your Purpose

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Encouraging You To Live a Purpose-Filled Life

Are you working a job you hate?
Are you working too hard and too many hours just to make ends meet?
Are you ready for something different?
Has God given you a calling that you haven’t pursued yet?
A Life & Business Coach can help!

What are you passionate about? What is your dream job? Sometimes we take a job because of the money and you need to support your family. Many times it’s not a job that you have a passion for. You are surviving week to week. I know I’ve been there. Did you have a dream or passion to do something with your life when you were a teenager, but never went down that path, it happened to me.

At 38 years old I went back to school to be a teacher, a passion I had when I was 15 years old. I’m still teaching today at the age of 63, but not in the classroom, I’m teaching and helping people as a Life & Business Coach.

Most people have a passion for something or a dream job that they think about from time to time. But life gets in the way and we take a job that pays enough money so we can take care of our family. As a Life & Business Coach I can help you identify and pursue your passion and dream job or business. If you want to make a change I will come along side of you and help you in your journey to make your dream a reality.

I offer a FREE 30 minute coaching session to find out what goals you have and see if we would be a good fit for each other. For your FREE 30 minute consultation email me with a good day and time to call.
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