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The Narcissist’s Conflicted Romance with His Lovers, Admirers, and Followers

The narcissist is dependent upon his coterie for Narcissistic Present. He resents this addictive dependence and himself for currently being consequently frail and impotent. It negates his self-delusional grandiose myth of omnipotence.
In direction of compensate for this shameful neediness, the narcissist retains his sycophantic acolytes within just contempt. He unearths his lovers, enthusiasts, and fans repulsive and retains them toward be inferior. He sees himself mirrored within just their presumptuousness and experience of entitlement and resents this frequent and tawdry reminder.
Lovers frequently assert toward personal in written content relating to their idol and toward incorporate distinctive legal rights toward lucky reach effortlessly by means of advantage of their unbridled adulation and season-demonstrated loyalty. Yet, the narcissist, not getting a mere mortal, thinks himself toward be further than human comprehending and refuses in the direction of render absolutely everyone exceptional as a result of granting him or her concessions denied in the direction of many others. Becoming one of a kind is his distinctive prerogat