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According to Michael Hyatt, retirement could be detremental to your health.  Dan Miller says,”the word retirement is not found in the Bible anywhere”.  Many people that retire age much more quickly when they don’t have anything to do or have any purpose when their working days ar over.

I’m 63 years old, do I have plans to retire, no way, I have too much to do.  God has put  a lot of things on my plate that He wants me to do.  I’m on the “last leg” of my journey, I don’t have time to retire.  I’m continuing my passion of teaching and helping others by starting a new career as a Sarasota Life Coach and writer.

How about you, have you pursued your passion yet?  Maybe you have been working at a job all your life just to pay the bills, it’s a job you have tolerated, not really enjoyed.  Do you have plans to retire soon?  Start identifying your passion and start pursuing it now, don’t wait for retirement.  Put a plan in place for finding a way to help others while living your passion.  It could be as a volunteer or starting a business.   Life is too short to retire and do nothing.  Some regrets  we have at the end of our lives are not the wrong things we did, but the things we didn’t do!

What is your passion?  What is God’s purpose for your life?

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