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I teach a fishing class in Southwest Florida to retirees from the north.  These people retire to Florida to get away from the cold.  Many of them come to my fishing class because they have never fished before.  When I asked them why they say, they worked too much during their life and never took the time off to go fishing, how sad.

There’s more to life than working 40-50 years and then retire and hopefully start enjoying life.  Many men want to or feel obligated to make sure their family has enough money.  I agree wholeheartily, but one must be careful not to neglect spending quality time with their wife and children as well.  If you fit this description, ask yourself how many of your children’s functions have you missed because of work?  Your children might not remember how much money you made when you were working 60-70 hours a week but they will remember the times you missed their special activities.

Another question for you, are you living your passion?  Do you have your dream job? Many people are changing careers so they can pursue their passion.  Someone once quoted” If you love the job you have, you will never have to work a day in your life.”

As a Sarasota Life Coach I help people pursue their passion and dream job.  I offer a FREE 30 minute coaching consultation.  If you are interested contact me.

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